Our History

Toward this end, FilAm Star – both online and in print — strives for editorial and design excellence. The biweekly frequency allows us to do this, even as our business plan over the medium term calls for the eventual increase in frequency and in the number of printed copies, as well as for the calibrated and strategic expansion of our circulation network. FilAm Star is available in major and favorite Asian/Filipino supermarkets, stores, and restaurants all over the San Francisco Bay Area and beyond – from Sacramento to all of Silicon Valley. In major U.S. cities, including Honolulu and Anchorage, Filipinos find FilAm Star at the money-transfer service centers of Lucky Money, Inc. FilAm Star-online, on the other hand, is updated regularly. Just like the print edition, it is an interesting mix of news and features from the Bay Area, as well as from the Philippines.